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Ballantyne, K.N. and Ralf, A. and Aboukhalid, R. and Achakzai, N.M. and Anjos, M.J. and Ayub, Q. and Balažic, J. and Ballantyne, J. and Ballard, D.J. and Berger, B. and Bobillo, C. and Bouabdellah, M. and Burri, H. and Capal, T. and Caratti, S. and Cárdenas, J. and Cartault, F. and Carvalho, E.F. and Carvalho, M. and Cheng, B. and Coble, M.D. and Comas, D. and Corach, D. and D'Amato, M.E. and Davison, S. and de Knijff, P. and De Ungria, M.C.A. and Decorte, R. and Dobosz, T. and Dupuy, B.M. and Elmrghni, S. and Gliwiński, M. and Gomes, S.C. and Grol, L. and Haas, C. and Hanson, E. and Henke, J. and Henke, L. and Herrera-Rodríguez, F. and Hill, C.R. and Holmlund, G. and Honda, K. and Immel, U.D. and Inokuchi, S. and Jobling, M.A. and Kaddura, M. and Kim, J.S. and Kim, S.H. and Kim, W. and King, T.E. and Klausriegler, E. and Kling, D. and Kovačević, L. and Kovatsi, L. and Krajewski, P. and Kravchenko, S. and Larmuseau, M.H.D. and Lee, E.Y. and Lessig, R. and Livshits, L.A. and Marjanović, D. and Minarik, M. and Mizuno, N. and Moreira, H. and Morling, N. and Mukherjee, M. and Munier, P. and Nagaraju, J. and Neuhuber, F. and Nie, S. and Nilasitsataporn, P. and Nishi, T. and Oh, H.H. and Olofsson, J. and Onofri, V. and Palo, J.U. and Pamjav, H. and Parson, W. and Petlach, M. and Phillips, C. and Ploski, R. and Prasad, S.P.R. and Primorac, D. and Purnomo, G.A. and Purps, J. and Rangel-Villalobos, H. and Rębała, K. and Rerkamnuaychoke, B. and Gonzalez, D.R. and Robino, C. and Roewer, L. and Rosa, A. and Sajantila, A. and Sala, A. and Salvador, J.M. and Sanz, P. and Schmitt, C. and Sharma, A.K. and Silva, D.A. and Shin, K.J. and Sijen, T. and Sirker, M. and Siváková, D. and Skaro, V. and Solano-Matamoros, C. and Souto, L. and Stenzl, V. and Sudoyo, H. and Syndercombe-Court, D. and Tagliabracci, A. and Taylor, D. and Tillmar, A. and Tsybovsky, I.S. and Tyler-Smith, C. and van der Gaag, K.J. and Vanek, D. and Völgyi, A. and Ward, D. and Willemse, P. and Yap, E.P.H. and Yong, R.Y.Y. and Pajnič, I.Z. and Kayser, M. (2014) Toward male individualization with rapidly mutating y-chromosomal short tandem repeats. Human Mutation, 35 (8). pp. 1021-32. ISSN 1098-1004

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